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Air Filters

The main purpose of the air filter is to stop dirt, dust and debris getting into the car’s engine. Most car manufacturers recommend that your air filter should be checked every 10,000 – 12,000 miles to ensure it is kept clean and performing at its best, and this helps improve fuel economy. If it needs replacing, search our stock for the right air filter for your car.

Oil Filters

The main function of an oil filter is to strain the oil present in the engine, thus removing any potentially damaging particles. It is extremely important that the oil filter is kept clean and undamaged, as a blocked filter will not effectively clean the oil. This can prevent your engine from being properly lubricated, and eventually lead to permanent engine damage. We recommend you replace these in line with your manufacturer service intervals.

Spark Plugs

If you don’t check your spark plugs regularly for damage or dirt, you may notice difficulty in starting your car, high fuel consumption and poor acceleration – all of which can be signs that your spark plugs may need to be changed.

Fuel Filters

A fuel filter is a filter in the fuel line that screens out dirt and rust particles from the fuel, normally made into cartridges containing a filter paper. They are found in most internal combustion engines.

Brake Discs

Most car manufacturers will specify a minimum thickness for your brake discs. When your brake discs go below the recommended thickness, you are strongly advised to replace them. Brake discs may need replaced due to wear and tear, or because of corrosion.

Brake Pads

If your car brake pads are worn down, or your brakes are making squeaking or grinding noises, they may not be working safely and effectively. You should replace the brake pads for your own safety and the safety of other road users.

Coil Springs support the vehicle’s weight and absorb the impact of the road condition. They increase the life of the shock absorber and other suspension components including tyres. Together with shock absorbers they make up the vehicle’s suspension system which keeps the tyres in contact with the road.

Why change Coil Springs?

  • To return the vehicle to the correct ride height
  • To maintain tyre contact with the road surface
  • To improve road handling
  • To improve wheel alignment
  • To save money by increasing shock absorber life

Car wiper blades are essential to give you good visibility while driving. If you have faulty wipers, you can receive a fine of up to £1000. It’s not expensive to replace your windscreen wiper blades – so it’s definitely not worth risking the fine.

The main role of shock absorbers is to keep your wheels in contact with the ground at all times. As they help to provide a smoother ride, and are a vital component of your car’s suspension, they may need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

A car clutch is the system that engages the engine and allows the car to drive. Not sure if you need a new clutch? Look out for the engine speed increasing significantly when you try to accelerate, even if the clutch pedal is not pressed. Also, if the vehicle doesn’t move when the clutch is pressed, or there are unusual noises coming from it such as grinding or shuddering, you may require a new clutch.

Steering is obviously an essential feature of your car. If your vehicle has power steering, you should check and top up your steering fluid levels on a regular basis. Search our range of steering parts and accessories by entering your car registration or make and model below.

Keep your timing belt drive system in tip-top condition by ensuring all components are properly functioning. The best way to avoid expensive premature failures is to change timing belts, idlers and tensioners all at the same time.

With Gates PowerGrip Kit, all the appropriate components plus installation instructions are an all-in-one kit and every component in the kit is a guaranteed OE equivalent part. Gates is your true system specialist. Not only they are known in timing belt industry, both to OEMs and to the aftermarket, they are also one of the largest suppliers of OE tensioner units in Europe.

Looking for a new battery? There are a few things to consider. Is the battery compatible with your car? Is it the correct voltage for your car? And will the size be an appropriate fit for your vehicle?

The primary function of a car’s alternator is to charge the car’s battery and power the electrical system when the engine is running. Do you need to replace your alternator? Check your interior lights and, if they appear bright and slowly start to fade, a replacement alternator may be required.